Clarisse Thorn - Getting S&M Relationship - Episode 5

Clarisse Thorn - Getting S&M Relationship - Episode 5

Switch Seductress

Chains, whips, leather masks, girls screaming inside the euphoric agony that's BDSM… Boy will we have a podcast to suit your needs guys today!

Today, we interview Clarisse Thorn, a top selling author on Amazon and shut personal friend of mine from my amateur grab artist adventures in good ol’ Chicago, Illinois. We met while JT Tran was giving his speech to school students at University of Chicago in Hyde Park, so that as she was writing her book on pick up artists, she chased us around in great amounts, curious from the lifestyle and craft. Following your whole chase and adventure concluded, Clarisse remained a close personal friend of mine.

I’m glad to have her on our podcast today, even as speak about a subject of the forbidden, sexual, and hardcore fantasy escapade - S&M, or sadism and masochism.

Author, writer, speaker, S&M pro-sex feminist, Clarisse Thorn is known as among the top experts in BDSM, S&M, and pro-sex feminism. She's got been featured on Post Masculine Radio, Psychology Today, and has several excellent books on Amazon, including a few biggest sellers like, “Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser,” “The S&M Feminist,” and her newly released title, “Switch Seductress.”

Now I’ve for ages been into handcuffs, ropes, and tying my girls to the bed, but slapping, chains, and whips are totally a new comer to me. Contrary to popular belief, women actually Take pleasure in the act of playing the submissive. We’ve been aware of fantasies of role-playing, the dirty nurse, the nasty librarian, and also the rape fantasy. Want to learn the way to have all these fantasies in the completely acceptable manner and not get included jail, arrested, or perhaps be called a creep? We’ve got the podcast to suit your needs! Take note that acts of sadism, fantasy role play in whatever situation chosen isn't considered sexual assault or sexual harassment so long as there is consent between both parties (or all parties involved, if you’re into that!)

Whips, bondage gear, ropes, and handcuffs sprawl throughout your dungeon of sexual intent, along with your girlfriend is waiting… Where do you turn first? Slap her around silly? Screw her brains out while whipping her until her back turns red? Throw her on the bed and choke her? What’s Clarisse Thorn need to say relating to this? Not one of the ABOVE is acceptable to complete first. On this episode with the Alpha Lifestyle podcast, Clarisse Thorn talks about the beginning of S&M, beginning your practice with your own personal S&M fantasies, and also the way to use a conversation about the subject to start with without losing it your partner. She even discusses her back-story of how she first thought it was dirty, terrible, and absolutely wrong and the way afterwards Clarisse Thorn had a change of heart, and explored everything the way in which, loving every second than it.

The first thing Clarisse says concerning your partner when you wish to initiate S&M is to speak about it. It is important to have if this is taking place is consent. Consent will be the important component of the S&M vehicle, and you also can’t just start beating the crap from the partner without their consent! If you’re not used to the scene and simply would like to learn much more about it, Clarisse covers fetish maps and finding your hidden local dungeons where one can meet other S&M fans and oftentimes find a date! With the use of consent, you may create any sick and twisted fantasy together with your spouse(s) and recreate any type of role play you would like, may it be a boss-secretary forbidden relationship, or perhaps a rape fantasy - becasue it is even mentioned inside our podcast. If you have consent along with your mate(s) and communicate well, you’ll be green to be on almost anything all of you accept do. Consider it, doing Anything you like to a different person using their consent in the sexual nature… She could play nurse, or she can play librarian, or secretary! The possibilities are endless!

Some great benefits of S&M are not only great sex and blowing steam off like a dominant. Clarisse includes a strong stance on improving communications between couples with S&M, and in addition getting closer on the different level than simply intimacy. S&M builds plenty of trust and compliance with couples, and it is an effective way to find out how you can communicate with each other. Trusting that your partner stop once they repeat the safe word, or trusting that they are fine with acting out a fantasy builds a deep level or rapport your person. Better still, you are able to take the fantasies farther and farther every time, making it even dirtier compared to last one. S&M can surely be a approach to add spice to your love life, and not just allow it to wither away with common vanilla frozen treats sex!

Now there’s a huge amount of misconceptions with regards to S&M, and Clarisse Thorn delves into lots of these, how S&M is actually more widespread than you think, and just how you may get started introducing a little bit more kink into your relationship having a simple visit to the ice cream shop inside them for hours a conversation. Clarisse has found several great ways to enter the conversation of beginning a kinky relationship and putting S&M into their lives slowly, together with a way of getting a template on how to use a difficult conversation with someone. She's some absolutely brilliant information for you guys, and you’re getting it, for free!

Switch Seductress

As always, we love making these podcasts which means you males have great solid information that you can depend on. If you wish to speak to Clarisse Thorn directly, go have a look at her Twitter and blog at Have a look at her awesome books on Amazon like “Confessions of your Pickup Artist Chaser,” “Switch Seductress,” and “The S&M Feminist: The very best of Clarisse Thorn,” all available on Kindle. You can e-mail her at so that as always, the infamous Ozzie R and Ben J are always entirely on the “Contact Us” form on the main navigation bar at the top of the page. Send us your queries, love, and hate mail, and we’ll see clearly.


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